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Aid architecture

The architecture of the international aid system is constantly changing. Changes such as the United Nations’ Humanitarian Reform, changing funding mechanisms, attempts to promote uniformity between donors and the establishment of integrated missions have affected the structure of humanitarian aid and have had direct consequences for implementing agencies.

In recent years there has been large-scale restructuring of UN and EU institutions. The United Nations reform has had major consequences for crisis management mechanisms and for the humanitarian response system. The European Consensus on Humanitarian Aid has also been a major development. It is important to monitor these changes and to consider the risks and opportunities that they represent, particularly concerning issues related to coordination (the Cluster system) and integration.

There have also been several reforms and initiatives related to international funding mechanisms such as the Good Humanitarian Donorship Initiative (GHDI), which was launched in June 2003 by donor members of the OECD. Based on a number of essential principles, it is an attempt to make humanitarian action more effective and organised by establishing a common approach to humanitarian assistance and improving the coherence between donors. New donors have also emerged, whose practices and reference frameworks it is important to understand.

Via research, evaluations and the organisation of events, we analyse the changes that are taking place and encourage debate between actors on these key issues.

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