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Crises and vulnerability

The analysis of the dynamics of different types of crises and of the parallel and complementary dynamics of vulnerability has always been central to our work. The changing face of crises since the end of the Cold War and following 9/11 continues to make these questions of fundamental importance.

Reaching a more detailed understanding of operational contexts and different types of crisis is essential in order to be able to understand the environment in which aid is delivered. The geo-political context in which a crisis takes place affects the options available for a humanitarian response. It is an approach which is also extremely useful when looking ahead to the future.

Faced with crises, each society and each population category has its own specific vulnerabilities and forms of resilience. It is important to understand the keys to survival and to place them in their political and social contexts. We must also consider means of reducing vulnerability and optimising the possibilities offered by resilience. These issues are at the heart of much of what we do at Groupe URD.

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