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Groupe URD awarded trophy at the Rhône-Alpes Social Solidarity Economy Awards

The magazine Mag2Lyon awarded its regional trophies for the social solidarity economy (SSE) on 17 November during the Forum de l’emploi solidaire en Rhône-Alpes. The social solidarity economy includes three main families: cooperative and participatory businesses, associations and mutual fund organisations. The trophies are awarded to exemplary organisations by a jury of representatives from Rhône-Alpes Active, the Regional Council, the Union régionale des scops, etc.

For this third edition of the awards, eight SSE organisations were awarded trophies, including Groupe URD, who received one of the jury’s two “Coup de Coeur” awards.

As we approach our 20th anniversary, this award is recognition of what we have achieved and it will encourage us to continue our actions in favour of international aid while reinforcing our anchorage in the region. In addition to the encouragement that the trophy gives us, it recognizes our team’s commitment to humanist values, and the central place of human beings and the environment (in its widest sense) in our actions.

Having received support, among others, from Rhône-Alpes Region and from France Active when it experienced difficulty in managing its growth, Groupe URD has become France’s humanitarian and reconstruction think tank with an international reputation for its work to improve practices in the humanitarian sector. One of our basic principles is that “it is not enough to want to do Good, you also have to do it well [1]. This principle informs all of our activities and we try to apply to ourselves the recommendations that we make.

Located off the beaten track in a socially and environmentally fragile area, we aim to be coherent with our objectives. Our buildings are therefore environmentally-friendly (solar heating and hot water, ecological construction materials, waste water treatment by phyto-purification, dry toilets, composting, recycling, etc.) and we have continually adapted the organisation of our staff to their social circumstances (breastfeeding space, the possibility of working from home, a high level of participation and involvement of staff in decisions concerning the association, etc.).

[1] ”Il ne suffit pas de faire le bien, il faut encore le bien faire", Denis Diderot.