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Organisational support

Over and above an approach which focuses on projects, improving practices often requires broader institutional change, an area in which Groupe URD has established expertise through our work on quality.

We propose :

  • Organisational diagnoses ;
  • Support in managing organisational change (quality approaches / describing processes and improving the quality of programmes) ;

An organisational diagnosis involves the analysis of all the mechanisms within an organisation, the internal processes and procedures and the way programmes are designed and implemented. It is a mechanism for internal knowledge management and learning. It also allows tools to be developed and/or adapted.

Support in managing organisational change (quality approaches, organisational integration of environmental questions, etc.), involves understanding, clarifying and describing processes and lines of responsibility :

  • Management processes (decision-making, organisational strategy, etc.) ;
  • Support processes (e.g. logistics, HR) ;
  • Implementation processes (project management).

Improving the quality of programmes involves analysing the strengths and weaknesses of project management processes for all the phases of the project cycle and whether they are coherent with the wider institutional environment. Areas for improvement can then be identified. Pilot programmes are then evaluated from various points of view (strategic, operational and technical).

The adoption of a quality approach often takes place step by step. Its duration can vary depending on the objectives which have been fixed and the organisation involved. It is a broad learning and capacity building exercise which includes, but is not limited to, training. Training can take place in the field or at headquarters either at the beginning of the process or at particular stages depending on recommendations. Adopting a quality approach requires staff involvement over the mid to long term. A participatory method is used.

Do you need organisational and/or methodological support ? Contact Véronique de Geoffroy :