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Reconstruction and the Environment in the Metropolitan Region of Port-au-Prince
June 2012-June 2013

In 2012/2013, Groupe URD conducted a study on the issues of reconstruction and the environment in the Metropolitan region of Port-au-Prince. It included three case studies:

  • Canaan – a neighbourhood built from scratch Canaan is an interesting case in a number of regards, as its status is still not clearly defined while it currently is home to tens of thousands of people who have settled in a vast area which was uninhabited before the earthquake. Very little literature currently exists about this neighbourhood which has been built from scratch, and this is the reason why it seemed important to us to give our analysis of the situation.
  • Morne L’Hôpital – a case of collective denial Due to its location and the risk of flooding for the city, its topography and its geological importance, there are a number of vital environmental issues in Morne-L’Hôpital.
  • Bristout-Bobin

This work looks at the effects of the national reconstruction strategy on the environment. This topic was chosen on the basis of post-earthquake analysis of the underlying causes of the disaster of 12 January 2010: the country’s environmental vulnerabilities, the institutional weaknesses in running the city, the lack of territorial planning and the predominance of informal urban development.

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