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Western Africa

Groupe URD’s projects related to this geographical area since 2012:

Research (4)

Evaluation (9)

Methodology (6)

Conferences (1)


Articles related to this geographical area in "Humanitarian Aid on the move":

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Ebola : comment le virus est sorti de la clairière, François Grünewald, revue Humanitaire n°40, mars 2015
The difficult handling of a complex crisis in Northern Mali - Lessons learned, François Grünewald, Johanna Baché, Valérie Léon, Bonaventure Sokpoh, February 2015
From emergency relief to resilience - lessons learned, REPI project, April 2013, in French
"Environment and Livelihoods" file, REPI project, April 2013, in French
Humanitarian Aid on the move #10, special issue: Sahel
Co-development between Catalonia and Senegal: Lessons to be drawn from 10 years of experience – Evaluation of the Migration and Local Development programme (MIDEL), SOKPOH, Bonaventure Gbétoho, Groupe URD – Fons Català de Cooperació al Desenvolupament, 2006, 141 P., in French