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Quality in humanitarian actions: thinking ahead
2014 (debates in English)

Key word: The Quality of Aid / Europe /

Given recent events and developments, the Autumn School on Humanitarian Aid, organized in collaboration with ALNAP, will focus on aid quality. This event will be a chance for professionals from the sector to discuss numerous questions which have not yet been answered: What are the true drivers of these initiatives? How will they come into effect? What can we learn from the Certification Review Project? What will be the future of evaluations in this new system? Is there a “third way”, an alternative to certification? Participation will be by personal invitation, bringing together a limited group of international experts on the subject. A summary of the discussions will be widely disseminated and issue 15 of our review, Humanitarian Aid on the Move, which is due to come out in February 2015, will be a special issue on Quality.

Amongst the speakers at this year’s event, we are very pleased to confirm:

  • Pierre Hauselmann - Humanitarian Accountability Partnership (Head of Certification)
  • Kate Halff - SCHR (Executive Secretary)
  • Luciano Loiacono - Handicap International (Head of Quality and Accountability)
  • Charles-Antoine Hofmann - International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (Executive Coordinator at the Disaster Response Dialogue)
  • Paul Knox-Clarke - ALNAP (Head of Research and Communications)
  • Véronique de Geoffroy, Hugues Maury, Julien Carlier, François Grünewald - Groupe URD