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Chad needs analysis for current and future humanitarian projects by DG ECHO
March-July 2008

Groupe URD carried out a needs analysis in Chad to help ECHO define its operational strategy and coordinate projects and actors. The analysis focused particularly on the link between the emergency, rehabilitation and development phases.

The European Commission’s Humanitarian Office commissioned Groupe URD to analyse three specific areas of the humanitarian situation in targeted zones in Chad.
The overall objective of the analysis was to improve planning of humanitarian operations and strengthen coordination and complementarity, particularly with other European Commission LRRD operations and the activities of other major donors.

The three areas were:

  • The return of Chadian IDPs (forecasting of needs, conditions and the nature and volume of humanitarian assistance that would be needed when the conditions were right for the return of more than 180 000 IDPs living in Eastern Chad);
  • The integration of refugees from the Central African Republic (with particular focus on food security in camps in the south and an analysis of the assistance that would be needed for their long-term integration);
  • Water and sanitation projects in and around Sudanese refugee camps in Eastern Chad (analysis and technical recommendations concerning emergency relief).

The project had several objectives:

  • to allow ECHO to define its operational strategy for Chad;
  • to provide the necessary information to allow better coordination of European Commission aid operations and instruments in Chad and improve links between emergency, rehabilitation and development phases;
  • to help ECHO and the European Commission define its position in relation to inter-donor coordination (Member States and other major donors like USAID).