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Quality and Accountability initiatives – The Q&A group

Different initiatives within the humanitarian sector – a shared vision of quality and accountability.

 A shared vision on quality and accountability

People affected by disasters have limited options and little power over their access to assistance and protection. Humanitarian organisations therefore have an ethical responsibility to respect the dignity of victims and to do their utmost to ensure that their assistance programmes are of the best possible quality.

Humanitarian agencies should respond meaningfully to needs, consider local capacities and constraints, and respect and involve crisis-affected people. Any response should avoid or mitigate negative impacts while fostering positive effects.

Organisations have to manage and support their staff members well; they should evaluate and learn from experience, and use resources efficiently and transparently. Organisations should be able to demonstrate commitment to improving their performance through verification and reporting systems.

The different Quality and Accountability Initiatives are collaborating around this shared vision, through identifying possible synergies, and clarifying their differences, in order to offer a range of choices. Humanitarian organisations can then select the options best suited to their needs and priorities. The initiatives [1] currently participating in the Quality and Accountability Initiative are committed to working together to facilitate this process of selection, and to reporting progress to the larger humanitarian constituency.

 The Q&A group

Groupe URD has been involved in the Quality and Accountability group since 2005. The group which is made up of 9 different initiatives that work towards better accountability, quality and performance in humanitarian action.

The members of the Q&A group meet regularly to work towards greater synergy, to exchange ideas about quality and accountability and to ensure that there is coherence between their different activities.

The Q&A group is open to organisations who want to take part in its meetings. These take place twice a year.

Visit the websites of the initial members of the Q&A group:

If you work for an organisation that may be compatible with the aims of this group, please contact one of the members.

[1] This déclaration has been edited in 2006 by six initiatives: ALNAP, Coordination Sud, Groupe URD, HAP, People In Aid and the Sphere project.