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Supporting ICRC in its methodological reflexion on Aid localisation
September 2017

Key word: Aid architecture /

Groupe URD facilitated an internal workshop on aid localisation for the ICRC on 19 September in Geneva. The workshop was an opportunity to compare different perceptions, to improve understanding of the subject and the implications this could have for an organization like the ICRC, which, along with the International Federation and the 190 National Societies, makes up the International Movement of the Red Cross and Red Crescent, the biggest humanitarian network in the world.

In September 2017, the ICRC organized an internal workshop, facilitated by Groupe URD, with the following objectives:

1) to take stock of the institution’s experience in engaging with and supporting local and national actors, both within and outside the Movement;

2) to identify areas where the ICRC could improve its own practice;

3) to draw from its operational experience in order to inform the localization discussion as it moves forward.

What is the ICRC’s position on these questions? What is it doing to reinforce the role and responsibilities of local actors and what opportunities exist in this area? What are the constraints and risks, etc.? These were among the questions that were discussed, looking at examples of activities carried out in different types of contexts.