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As part of certain projects - for example, to illustrate specific aspects of an evaluation or a research project via witness accounts from the field – or in connection with certain events, we produce videos to compliment our publications

 Videos produced in connection with evaluation or research projects

  • Evaluation of the LRRD – REPI 2010 programme
    The evaluation process aims to gather lessons learned during aid projects funded as part of the recovery programme following the floods of July 2010 in the Centre Nord and Est regions of Burkina Faso.
  • The RESILIENCE project, March 2010 - March 2013
    The Resilience project (Risk Education and Social Interactive Learning through Integrating Experiences, Networking and Coordination in Europe) aims to analyse the resilience of communities to environmental and climatic crises. This research project is being carried out in three contexts: Bolivia, Ethiopia and Indonesia. A video has been made in each country.
  • Haiti, urban issues
    This video was produced as part of a broad analysis of the situation in Haiti in June 2011
  • Real-time evaluation in Haiti, for the IASC, April 2010
    This evaluation was carried out in partnership with the Global Public Policy Institute (GPPI) three months after the earthquake. Due to the scale of this disaster and the size of the response, the Inter-Agency Standing Committee (IASC) immediately launched a real-time evaluation process in order to keep decision-makers both in Haiti and in agency headquarters informed about the progress being made and to regularly learn lessons and make the relevant adjustments as a result. A video was made as part of this project.

 Videos of conferences


Find out about Sigmah in 1½ minutes by watching a new animated film by Concept Image! One click for a clear and concise explanation of what Sigmah allows you to do, its special features, and the project behind the software… Feel free to use it and share it! Available in French and English…

Sigmah, raconté en 1 minute par sigmah


Presentation of Groupe URD, realized by ORAS in Groupe URD Head Office, May 2014.