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The association

 Improving the quality of humanitarian aid

Created in 1993, Groupe URD is an independent institute which specializes in the analysis of practices and the development of policy for the humanitarian and post-crisis sectors.

From 1993 to 1997, Groupe URD was an NGO discussion group which focused on linking emergency and development aid. After 1997, it broadened its horizons in response to the numerous theoretical and operational challenges faced by the aid sector in crisis and post-crisis contexts.

Its role is to help organizations to improve the quality of their programmes through evaluations, research, Quality support and training.

In order to work close to field realities and to share lessons, Groupe URD has established several observatories of aid practices - formerly in Haiti, Chad and Afghanistan.

 The governing board

Groupe URD is a non-profit association (as defined by the French law of 1901). The governing board, which is elected at the annual general meeting, meets each trimester to validate strategic decisions.

The current Governing Board is:

  • Monique Cardot (President)
  • Anne-Marie Mounier (Vice-president)
  • Jean-Marie Giraud (Treasurer)
  • Domitille Kauffmann
  • Charlotte Dufour
  • Claire Pirotte