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Evaluation support

Evaluation as a learning mechanism

Above and beyond transparency and quality, evaluation is a means of learning lessons better. In the transition from relief to development, an evaluation can help improve humanitarian practice and establish relations of trust between the various players involved in the reconstruction process.

Over the past fifteen years, Groupe URD has built up a well-recognised expertise in the field of evaluation of relief and development projects.


The Haiti Observatory aims to:

  • Strengthen and empower Haitian stakeholders

The Haiti Observatory will play an important role in establishing a sustainable in-country evaluation capacity. To achieve this goal, we offer a variety of capacity-building activities for civil society organisations, public and government employees and Haitian staff within international organisations.

    • Training courses on Evaluation
    • Database of Haitian evaluators, including individuals who have attended Haiti Observatory training courses. The Observatory provides aid organisations with a database of Haitian professionals (Evaluators and Heads of M&E) who have been trained by Groupe URD in evaluating the quality of humanitarian projects.
    • Support for Haitian organisations in evaluation planning. The Haiti Observatory offers a personalised support mechanism for staff conducting or managing evaluations. This will include regular briefings and debriefings, workshops on specific topics (evaluation methods, data collection), recommendations on drafting evaluation reports (Terms of Reference, inception reports, final reports).


  • Coordinate evaluation processes, facilitate the dissemination and sharing of lessons learnt and best practices

Evaluation results and reports will be posted regularly on the Haiti Observatory Resource Centre, which will thus provide information about ongoing evaluations and advice on various aspects (e.g. the scope of the evaluation, relevant documentation to be reviewed and evaluation methodology). This will help to reduce duplication and splintering of evaluation processes, promote coherence and help identify gaps and synergies between different evaluation assignments.
As part of its consultancy and support activities, the Haiti Observatory will manage the database of Haitian evaluators (lien vers le point au dessus).

The Haiti Observatory will ensure that lessons learnt from evaluations and best practices are disseminated throughout the aid community, donor institutions and national organisations via the Haiti Observatory Newsletter. Contact us so that we can publish your latest evaluation results and findings in our Newsletter.


  • Conduct evaluations on demand

The Haiti Observatory will carry out evaluations for international and national organisations, and for donor agencies and public institutions. Indeed, several organisations in Haiti have already requested our services for this type of learning mechanism.

Evaluations conducted by Groupe URD in Haiti: