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It’s the evaluator’s turn to be evaluated!

It is our turn to be evaluated and this year we will be evaluated twice! Our donors - DFID, IRISH AID and USAID – assess our activities regularly via an internal evaluation process (mid-term and post). This helps us to look back at what we have achieved in the light of what we had planned. It also reminds us of our commitments and prompts us to reflect and take action in order to produce results by adjusting our activities, if necessary. See the full evaluation report in English: In general, the evaluation is positive about our work. We are on the right track but some obstacles and difficulties persist. We are still finding it difficult to monitor the activities of the evaluators who have attended our training sessions.

We still have not trained enough female evaluators. We still do not have enough information about how the recommendations raised by our evaluations are taken on board by the decision-making bodies of institutions and organisations to whom they are addressed. This raises the question as to how should we improve our practices? Since February 2014, we have recruited a training coordinator whose main role is to monitor the activities of our training participants. We have also added a section to our Haiti website where we post the Terms of Reference of evaluations that are to be carried out in Haiti. But we need more feedback from our training participants! Please share with us how you are putting to use the knowledge and tools that you acquired during one of our training courses.