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Replication of evaluation training in Haitian state institutions

During 2014, ten managers from the Ministry for Planning and External Cooperation (MPCE) attended training courses on the Evaluation of Quality in Humanitarian Action run by Groupe URD in Haiti via its Observatory based in Port-au-Prince. After the Head of the NGO Activity Coordination Unit (UCAONG) from the MPCE took part in the course, the Unit decided to train other managers, both from the MPCE and from other ministries. In each “département” in the country there is an NGO coordination and supervision council which brings together representatives of the main ministries concerned by these activities. During supervision visits, managers from the MPCE are accompanied by technicians from the sectors concerned by a project. In May 2014, the Groupe URD Observatory also organized a training of trainers for ten people which allowed the participants to learn different facilitation techniques and to use Groupe URD’s materials for the training course on Evaluating the Quality of Humanitarian Action. The people trained, including two people from the MPCE, will be able to facilitate training courses on the quality of humanitarian action themselves.

In March 2015, a series of five training courses on Evaluating the Quality of Humanitarian Action began under the aegis of the UCAONG. Each of these training courses brings together representatives of two départements in the country. With more than twenty participants in each training course, more than a hundred managers and directors will be trained. Four of the five training courses are being facilitated by the former head of training at the Groupe URD Observatory in Port-au-Prince, co-facilitating with four people who took part in the training of trainers in 2014: two of these work within the MPCE, and two others are part of other organizations. Via these training courses, the MPCE aims to improve the supervision of NGO activities in the country.

With the Groupe URD Observatory having just closed, we are very proud that the objective of replication of training courses and the dissemination of this competence to Haitian actors has been successfully achieved and even surpassed. There is a good chance that expertise in evaluating humanitarian projects will continue to be “nationalized” in the years ahead…