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The challenge of providing local authorities, on whom reconstruction and development in Haiti depends, with support as early as the relief phase
Béatrice Boyer & Ben Oduwa


 Warning about the need to facilitate access to funding for communes in order to establish their ability to manage local public affairs in the long term.

This warning is aimed at the international community and the funding agencies that have been active in Haiti for years to encourage them to revise their funding methods and particularly rethink their operations, basing them on local authorities who are aware of national realities while being in touch with the needs of the population. The involvement of local authorities and communities in the targeting and management of different investments can guarantee that they become established in the long term through ownership and effective management of public affairs.

Existing national public action at the level of government institutions, which leaves local authorities without the necessary means or competent and permanent municipal staff, is a worrying issue that needs to be addressed nationally and internationally in order not only to strengthen local resilience but also to support development.


Ben Oduwa, UN-Habitat Coordinator of component 3 – Municipal and Community Support Centre – of the Support Programme for the Reconstruction of Housing and Neighbourhoods (PARLOQ), jointly run by different UN agencies and Haitian institutions from 2011 to early 2015.

Béatrice Boyer, Architect and Urban Planner, Head of Groupe URD’s Urban unit, evaluator of the PARLOQ programme with Emmanuel Baunard.