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In the last few months Haiti has been struck by two cyclonic storms (Isaac and Sandy). The damage inflicted by them has been significant, aggravating the food security situation which is considered worrying by the CNSA (Coordination Nationale de Sécurité Alimentaire). The convergence of issues such as cyclonic storms, drought in the spring of 2012, the rise in prices of basic products and political instability have raised concerns about how the situation will evolve in the coming months and particularly up until the next harvest in spring 2013. Groupe URD’s Haiti Observatory will therefore remain attentive to the analysis and information available on food security in the country and will orientate the focus of its studies based on how the situation evolves.

The articles in this issue are, however, not related to food security issues. Two of them deal with the results of our latest studies while the third looks at planning documents elaborated by Municipalities and international organizations. We felt that it was important to communicate on these documents because of their content, which can help actors in terms of operational decision-making, and also because of their approach, which aims to be participatory and inclusive.

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