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The team

The in-country Observatory team is made up of a Coordinator (Caroline Broudic), an Assistant Researcher (Richener Noël), an Administrator (Betty Marie-Carmelle Millien) and a Logistician-Driver (Emmanuel Pierre-Pierre).

To carry out its activities, the observatory will also call on the services of Groupe URD’s international team of researchers whose fields of expertise include Agronomy, Urban Planning, International Law, Health, Nutrition, Water and Sanitation, Psycho-Social care and the Environment.
The Observatory team also has the support of a translation and communications service, a Resource Centre and an Administration, Finance and Logistics Department at Groupe URD headquarters.
When necessary, the observatory will also call on the services of external Haitian and international consultants, volunteers and interns to complement the team’s own expertise to successfully carry out projects.

The team in Haiti:

Isabelle FORTIN - Coordinator of the Haiti Observatory Isabelle trained as a Linguist and has worked for more than 20 years designing, managing and evaluating programmes in the areas of civil rights, women’s rights, children’s rights, conflict transformation and public security as well as developing participatory training materials. She has spent the majority of her professional life in Haiti. She is currently the Coordinator of the Haiti Observatory.
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Richener NOËL – Assistant Researcher
Noël is a Sociologist and PhD student in Urban Geography. He has worked as an Assistant Researcher and has taught oral survey methodology and intangible heritage at Haiti State University. He has also published research on “Participatory democracy and the issue of decentralization” and “The emergence of Haitian civil society and the establishment of democracy in Haiti”. He is currently an Assistant Researcher for Groupe URD’s Haiti Observatory.
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