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Conference "Lessons from the response to Mali’s interconnected crises", in Geneva on 7 May 2015

The crisis in Northern Mali, which is the result of a complex history exacerbated by the colonial period and the borders which were established at that time, has regularly been in the news in the past 40 years. Since 2005, the tensions in this region have been aggravated by problems of governance, the development of drug trafficking, the emergence of political/religious radicalism, and problems of economic insecurity in the pastoral domain. These tensions came to a head at the beginning of 2012 when a number of different radical Islamic movements took control of Northern Mali. This led to a complex period of crisis management: coup d’état, French military intervention (‘Serval’, then ‘Barkhane’), the holding of elections, the setting up of a UN integrated mission (MINUSMA), and peace negotiations in Ouagadougou and Algiers. In the Spring of 2015, two years after ‘Opération Serval’ was launched, with insecurity returning to the north and even reaching Bamako, and a major food security crisis threatening to wipe out pastoral economies, what lessons can be learned and how should aid organizations review their strategy?

The objectives of this conference will be to:

  • Analyse the specific characteristics of the inter-connected crises in Mali;
  • Analyse the complexity of managing these crises;
  • Identify lessons;
  • Discuss ways of adapting the response and making it more pertinent.

The event is jointly organised by Groupe URD and CERAH, and will take place at the Auditoire Jacques-Freymond (Rue de Lausanne 132, Geneva), from 6.30 to 8.30 pm.

Participants need to reserve in advance: cerahcommunication@unige.ch

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