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Groupe URD participates in the People’s Climate March, taking place on 21 September

The People’s Climate March is taking place on 21 September. It is the biggest civil gathering which has ever been organised on the issue of climate change. Two days before the United Nations Summit on climate change, organised by the United Nations Secretary General, Ban Ki Moon, which will bring together the world’s heads of state in New-York, millions of citizens will be mobilizing all around the world to demand ambitious measures for the climate.

This global event will show that we are all concerned by climate change and will remind heads of state of their considerable responsibility, via the choices they make in terms of economics, resources and energy. From New York to Berlin, from Bogota to New Delhi, from Paris to Melbourne, and in thousands of other cities, millions of us will be pointing out that climate change is an urgent global issue which will affect ecosystems and the future of humanity.

In France, this mobilisation will be all the more important as it will remind our government of the key role it will play in determining whether the Climate Conference which is due to take place in Paris will be a success. Groupe URD will be taking part in this event alongside a large number of civil society organisations, having seen the already disastrous consequences of climate change for many vulnerable communities around the world, and which will only get worse and affect more and more people unless ambitious decisions are made rapidly.

We’ll be there: Place de la République at 2pm, because “to change everything, we need everyone!” To take part in the march in France or elsewhere in the world: http://peoplesclimate.org/major-events/

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Dossier de presse , Marche pour le climat, 21 septembre 2014
Affiche, Marche pour le climat, 21 septembre 2014