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Publication of PIROI’s action plan for 2017-2020 to which Groupe URD contributed

During the first semester of 2016, the PIROI asked Groupe URD to help it define a development plan to help set up the PIROI Centre. In addition to defining its functions, Groupe URD provided cross-sector analysis of the international context, and advice on partnerships, and how to optimise the Centre’s influence. These points can be found in the action plan for 2017-2020 published by the PIROI.

For this mission, Groupe URD led a series of discussions with several organisations involved in risk management in Reunion and at the regional level in order to develop realistic, context-specific proposals based on the needs of humanitarian actors in the Indian Ocean. We also actively contributed to the development of the provisional budget and the economic model of the PIROI Centre.

In the context of climate change and with people increasingly exposed to natural or health risks, the PIROI has developed programmes based on three main strategic areas:

  • Promoting the integration of natural and health disaster management into national policies;
  • Reinforcing the resilience of populations in relation to disasters;
  • Responding effectively to disasters by using appropriate human and material resources.