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Real-time evaluation of Danida’s country programme in Mali

Key word: Western Africa /

Groupe URD, in partnership with PARTICIP, is carrying out an external evaluation of the country programme run by Danida in Mali. This “real-time” evaluation over a period of 4 years includes 6 field visits in order to adapt projects to changes in the context. The evaluation will measure the extent to which objectives are being met, and how certain risk factors and possible scenarios are evolving.

The evaluation focuses on two of the key commitments of Danida [1]’s country programme in Mali:

  • “Peaceful co-existence”: promoting a Malian society that is more peaceful, resilient and respectful of human rights;
  • “Decentralisation”: reinforcing citizen participation and improving public service provision at the local level.

Following a series of exchanges in Europe and in Mali, the first mission to launch the “real-time evaluation with iteration” process took place in Mali in March 2018. It involved a number of meetings in Bamako and in the field. The iteration process then continues with five field visits throughout the implementation of the programme.

Real-time evaluations are particularly relevant in unstable contexts that can lead to changes, and when the intervention logic is complex or is being tested for the first time. This approach should help to integrate the theory of change and adapt projects depending on the recommendations and observations made.

[1] The Danish International Development Agency is Denmark’s official agency for development cooperation, which is an area of activity under the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.