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Risk management, development and resilience in the Sahel

Groupe URD has begun working with United Nations regional staff in the Sahel on resilience and the role of development organisations in this area. Questions about resilience in the Sahel have emerged because humanitarians have noticed that it is always the same people who are on their lists of beneficiaries, an issue which also concerns development actors. In order to find some answers to these questions, as part of the United Nations integrated strategy for the Sahel, Groupe URD co-facilitated a two-day workshop in Dakar, under the aegis of the Regional Directors of UN agencies, and presided by the General Secretary’s Special Envoy for the Sahel, Hiroute Guebré Selassié, and the Regional Humanitarian Coordinator, Robert Piper.

This work will be followed by a review of the different risks which affect the Sahelian region and how they are taken into account in programming. This exercise – in which staff from Mauritania, Chad, Mali, Niger and Senegal took part – is evidence of increased awareness that development actors have a responsibility in relation to strengthening or rebuilding resilience in an environment where it is threatened by many inter-related factors.