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Round table – Humanitarian and Environmental NGOs: a necessary alliance?

Groupe URD will be taking part in the round table, “Humanitarian and Environmental NGOs : a necessary alliance ?”, organised by Médecins du Monde and the review, Humanitaire, on 15 May at MDM’s headquarters. Do humanitarian and environmental NGOs live on two different planets? Even though there is some collaboration here and there – particularly amongst “Anglo-Saxon” organizations - in France there is little evidence of shared concerns or of joint action. It is as if these two families of NGOs had reproduced at their level the eternal separation between man and nature, with humanitarian NGOs responsible for protecting the former and environmental NGOs responsible for the latter. The latest IPCC report has re-opened the debate about these strangely distant relations: increased malnutrition in Africa, the causes of vulnerability among poor communities exarcerbated, the increase in the number of disasters linked to the climate… Faced with the demands of the climate agenda, can humanitarian and environmental NGOs remain in their separate fields or will they finally have to work together and engage in joint advocacy? The debates will be facilitated by Christophe Buffet, a consultant and researcher in Climate Change Adaptation.

Free entry with advanced booking: http://www.medecinsdumonde.org/Nos-Combats/Agenda/Table-Ronde-de-la-Revue-Humanitaire-15-mai-2014