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Support to the French Development Agency’s Regional Office in Cameroon

In addition to structural problems caused by the weak basic infrastructures, the presence of Boko Haram in the border regions with Nigeria is causing major instability in the extreme north of Cameroon, leading to the arrival of Nigerian refugees, the displacement of Cameroonians, and the paralysis of economic exchanges with Nigeria and tourism. In response to these difficulties, the French Development Agency promoted the adoption of a High Intensity Labour Force (HILF) approach for public works, with the aim of creating sustainable work opportunities for young people who are idle in the north and giving them prospects for the future. Groupe URD conducted field work to provide support in this approach to the coordination team of the Programme National de Développement Participatif (PNDP) and the French Development Agency’s Regional Office in Yaoundé.

Groupe URD carried out a support mission for the AFD-Yaoundé regional office and the PNDP teams to implement this HILF component of the programme. We visited Yaoundé and the north and extreme north regions. The lessons from this experience show that this approach could be extended to the whole of the north and other regions where there are refugees or large numbers of young people with nothing to do.

This project is part of a more general partnership between Groupe URD and the French Development Agency to provide analysis of specific themes and provide internal support to the Crisis and Conflicts Unit which recently became part of the Agency’s Directorate for Operations.