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Key messages from the 3rd French National Humanitarian Conference

In a context of exponentially growing humanitarian needs, the humanitarian system is being affected by major changes that are likely to lead to a major transformation in the years ahead. The 3rd National Humanitarian Conference (CNH) – which will be held on 23 February 2016 in Paris – will be an opportunity to discuss the role of international humanitarian actors within the aid system in the short and medium term, in advance of the World Humanitarian Summit in Istanbul.

The key messages summarise the day’s debates and will be taken by French stakeholders to the World Humanitarian Summit.

Every two years, this event brings together the different French stakeholders involved in humanitarian action and post-crisis reconstruction (government bodies and institutions, NGOs, the Red Cross movement, United Nations agencies, academics, foundations, etc.).

The conference is organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development’s Centre de Crise et de soutien. Groupe URD is part of the event’s steering committee alongside representatives of NGOs, institutions and civil society organisations. The steering committee meets regularly to prepare the conference, whether to discuss humanitarian issues or to deal with organizational aspects. The Groupe de Concertation Humanitaire is also consulted to validate the main themes of the conference.

More about the event: http://unbouncepages.com/cnh-2016-p...