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The Haiti Observatory closes its doors

After three years, Groupe URD has brought the activities of the Haiti Observatory to an end. This project has helped to reinforce local evaluation capacity, has produced ten studies, and has encouraged debate through the facilitation of workshops and conferences, with a certain number of evaluations carried out in parallel, analyzing the post-earthquake reconstruction process from different angles. The work we have carried out will continue to feed into discussions about ways to improve assistance following natural disasters, including our expertise on the difficulties of reconstruction in urban contexts, and the different areas of activity that this involves (habitat, WASH, environment, etc.). With the Observatory now closed, we would like to share the reports from two of our final studies, both related to housing issues, one in urban contexts and the other in rural contexts.

From mid-2012, Groupe URD conducted an iterative evaluation of the “Support Programme for the Reconstruction of Housing and Neighbourhoods in Haiti” for UN-Habitat. This evaluation process made it possible to re-orientate activities in response to changes in the context and helped to develop this urban reconstruction and institution building programme. In order to share the lessons from this programme, all the reports from the evaluation are available for consultation.

We also recently published a report entitled, “The reconstruction of Housing in Haiti: technical issues, habitability and heritage – The case of post-earthquake reconstruction in rural and peri-urban environments in Haiti”, which looks at the issues of contextualizing assistance in relation to post-earthquake rehousing activities. The study analyses recent developments, taking into account technical, legal, social, economic and political factors, and the specific cultural characteristics of Haitian peasant culture.

In addition to these two reports, Groupe URD produced different publications in connection with the evaluations and research we carried out, some of which are available on the website. See all the activities of the Haiti Observatory.