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Training course: “An introduction to Sigmah”, 2 December 2014 at Coordination SUD, Paris

This training course, which is being co-organised by Groupe URD and Coordination SUD, is an introduction to Sigmah, open source software for the shared management of emergency relief and development projects. Via a presentation of the project and hands-on testing of the software, the course will help participants to see what can be done concretely with the software, the issues involved in adopting it at the institutional level in connection with a Quality approach, the collective development process and how they can also take part.

By the end of the course, the participants will:

  • understand what Sigmah is for
  • know how to use its basic functions
  • understand its parameters of flexibility
  • know how to use the support materials to continue to learn how to use it
  • understand the key issues and opportunities involved in defining the parameters of Sigmah
  • understand the opportunity that Sigmah represents in connection with adopting a Quality approach
  • understand the open nature of the Sigmah open source software project and the role that users can play

The course will include two modules:

  • the morning from 9am to 1pm (initiation)
  • the afternoon from 2.30pm to 5.30 pm (to go into greater detail)

Registration fee (fixed price):

  • 25 € (Members of Coordination SUD)
  • 50 € (Non-members)

Applications for a place on this course (using the form attached) should be sent by email no later than 25 November 2014 to Jean-Luc Galbrun (Resource Centre Project Officer).