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Aid Integrity Feedback Seminars

Groupe URD will be taking part in and facilitating two seminars with Transparency International to present the findings of our studies on aid integrity conducted as part of the CREATE project. The first will be held in Conakry on 9 September, and the other in Beirut on 13 October.

The CREATE project (Collective Commitment to Enhance Accountability and Transparency in Emergencies) is funded by DG ECHO, and is led by Transparency International in partnership with Humanitarian Outcomes and Groupe URD. It aims to help the sector to move forward on issues of aid integrity.

The seminar organised in Conakry on 9 September follows on from a case study that analysed issues of protection and integrity in the response to the Ebola crisis in Guinea and Sierra Leone. The research team, working under an inter-agency steering committee including national and international organisations, visited the areas in Guinea affected by the Ebola crisis, then compared these with the situation in Sierra Leone. The seminar will be an opportunity to present the main lessons from this mission and discuss the recommendations with the principal stakeholders involved. Another mission to analyse the integrity of humanitarian aid was carried out in Lebanon in relation to the hosting of Syrian refugees. A workshop will be held on 13 October in Beirut* to present the conclusions and recommendations of this mission. Further field studies will be carried out in Somalia, Afghanistan and Lebanon in the coming months in connection with the CREATE project in order to cover a wide range of contexts.

Though it was initially planned on 13 October, the workshop has been postponed to a date that is still to be confirmed.