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Providing training and support services to DG ECHO and its partners

Groupe URD is a member of a new consortium of five organisations, coordinated by punto.sud, in partnership with MDF Brussels, IECAH and Particip, which has been established to provide training and support services to DG ECHO. This training project, including both face-face and remote learning, is aimed at DG ECHO staff in Brussels and regional offices in the field, as well as partner NGOs. Having previously been focused on compliance with and knowledge of contractual rules and procedures, the consortium will now be developing training courses on DG ECHO’s sector-based policies in order to improve accountability to disaster victims and European taxpayers.

In order to be accountable to disaster victims and European taxpayers, and achieve a high level of performance through greater effectiveness and efficiency, DG ECHO wants its partners and staff to improve their knowledge and implementation of its sector-based rules, procedures and policies.

A major two-year training project (November 2018–November 2020), which can be renewed twice, has been launched and is being carried out by this consortium. The project focuses on two main areas:

  • Administrative and management procedures in connection with DG ECHO’s Framework Partnership Agreement (FPA) and the Financial and Administrative Framework Agreement for UN agencies.
  • DG ECHO’s sector-based policies (WaSH, protection, shelter and habitat, food assistance, etc.) and best practice in terms of implementing humanitarian aid projects.

This project complements the work of the INSPIRE Consortium, through which Groupe URD and its partners contribute to the elaboration and dissemination of the sector-based policies that will be the subject of this training project. Groupe URD will bring added value and expertise due to its involvement at different levels in relation to the policies of the biggest international aid donor in the world.

Read more: http://dgecho-partners-helpdesk.eu/
Do a course: http://else.dgecho-partners-helpdesk.eu/learn