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Humanitarian Aid on the move # 19, special issue: Aid localisation

Humanitarian Aid on the move n°19

Editorial, François Grünewald and Véronique de Geoffroy

Aid localisation as a catalyst for resilience during the post-Matthew response in Haiti, Nawal Karroum

Aid organisations in Mali: cooperation and competition in the face of a closed humanitarian market, Verena Richardier

Aid localisation in Ituri (Democratic Republic of Congo), Véronique de Geoffroy

Myanmar: an innovation lab for localisation, François Grünewald

Local actors: key resources and supporters in protection, Réiseal Ni Chéilleachair & Dr. Fiona Shanahan

Localization: moving from commitments to implementation, Kirsten Hagon

The International Committee of the Red Cross and the localization of aid: striving toward meaningful complementarity, Jérémie Labbé

Localization as self-criticism: three tales from a Colombian aid worker, Gabriel Rojas Andrade

Aid localisation in Nepal following the earthquake of 25 April 2015, François Grünewald

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Humanitarian Aid on the move # 19, special issue: Aid localisation