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The team

Groupe URD’s multi-disciplinary research team has expertise in Agronomy, Urbanism, International Law, Medicine, Nutrition, Water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH), Social Psychology, the Environment and New Information and Communication Technology (NICT).

The support team includes the translation and communications departments, the resource centre and the administrative, logistical and financial department.

For certain projects, we also work with external consultants, volunteers and interns.

Monique CARDOT - President of Groupe URD
Having begun her career as a pharmacist-biologist at the Institut Pasteur in Lyon, Monique joined Bioforce in 1983, working initially as a Trainer and then as a Tutor. In parallel, she actively took part in creating and running the NGO, “Comité pour Léré”, which has since become “Santé Mali Rhône-Alpes”, and “Action Nord Sud”. Since leaving Bioforce in 2005, she has worked as an independent consultant, supervising staff in the medical and social sectors, providing around twenty teams per month with regular support. She has been a member of Groupe URD’s Administrative Board since the creation of the association, and has been its President since July 2017.
Contact Monique Cardot

François GRÜNEWALD - Executive Director
François is an agricultural engineer and has a great deal of experience working on emergency food security programmes. He supervises all of Groupe URD’s research and evaluation work. He co-edits Karthala’s Pratiques Humanitaires collection. He is a former member of the Haut Conseil de la Coopération Internationale and of the Commission Nationale Consultative des Droits de l’Homme.
Contact François Grünewald

Véronique de GEOFFROY - Deputy Director
Véronique has a Masters degree in International Humanitarian Law and has worked for a number of NGOs in emergency contexts. She is currently Groupe URD’s Director of operations and focuses particularly on the issues of Quality (the Quality COMPAS©), IHL and civil/military cooperation.
Contact Véronique de Geoffroy

Juliette HAÏM - Administrative and Financial Director
Juliette trained in Management and has worked in transport logistics and managing small and medium-sized businesses. After ten years as Groupe URD’s Administrator-Accountant, working with the Administrative and Financial Director, she has now taken on the role of Groupe URD’s Administrative and Financial Manager.
Contact Juliette Haim


Samantha BRANGEON - Researcher "Environment"
Samantha works on the relations between humanitarian aid and the environment, and particularly the environmental effects of humanitarian operations. She also facilitates the Humanitarian Environment Network which brings together organisations who want to integrate environmental considerations in their practices and programmes. Before joining Groupe URD in 2015, Samantha worked for 8 years in the aid sector in charge of programmes, both at HQ level and in the field (Sudan, Sri Lanka, DRC and Haiti).
Contact Samantha Brangeon

Pierre BRUNET - Assistant Coordinator of INSPIRE’ Consortium
Pierre taught French as a foreign language, before studying humanitarian project management at the Institut Bioforce. Between 2006 and 2011, he coordinated Groupe URD’s training activities and took part in numerous activities related to publications and project proposals. Since January 2012, he has been working with the Director of Operations on a pluri-annual project to provide support to DG ECHO in terms of policy development and dissemination (within the INSPIRE Consortium, with two other European organisations: GPPi and IECAH).
Contact Pierre Brunet

Anne BURLAT - Urban expert, Researcher
Anne trained as an Architect, and began to specialise in urban issues when she did her PhD looking at the relations between endogenous urban dynamics and institutional processes. She also has a post-master degree in Environmental Issues (Mines Paris Tech). Over the last 20 years she has worked with different stakeholders in international cooperation (Asia and Africa), urban planning in France, and international aid programmes (Asia and the Middle East).
Contact Anne Buralt

Michael CARRIER - Quality & Accountability Advisor
Michael Carrier contributes to the humanitarian sector’s Quality and Accountability initiatives and accompanies organisations to help them adopt a continuous improvement approach. He has Masters Degrees in International Relations, Business Management and Organisational Quality Management. He has 15 years’ of experience working on improving the impact of aid on crisis-affected people and communities, having held a variety of operational, administrative and technical positions, both in the field and at HQ level. His work has focused specifically on programmes to reduce armed violence and to support people with disabilities. His working languages are French, English and Serbo-Croatian.
Contact Michael Carrier

Charlotte HEWARD - Executive Assistant
Charlotte has a Masters degree in Geography, having specialised in development issues. She worked for a while in the field of distance-learning with French-speaking African countries and then took part in several humanitarian missions in Myanmar in connection with rehabilitation programmes. Charlotte has been working as an Executive Assistant at Groupe URD since February 2014, and as such is involved in preparing, monitoring and managing projects, and assisting the management in coordinating the team.
Contact Charlotte Heward

Anna LEAR - Training Coordinator
Anna graduated with a Masters in Humanitarian Aid Management and then worked as a Research Assistant on various projects, such as the Global Study on Consultation and Participation of Affected Populations in Humanitarian Action (Guinea case study). She is now coordinating the Training Division and is support translator for Groupe URD publications in English.
Contact Anna Lear

Valérie LÉON - Researcher & Evaluator
Valérie studied Economics and Politics, and worked for the ICRC in various crisis and post-crisis contexts (El Salvador, Kosovo, Colombia, Ethiopia, Georgia and Myanmar), specialising in Economic Security programmes. After a number of years supervising projects in Latin America for Médecins du Monde in Paris, she joined Groupe URD in 2012, where she focuses on cross-cutting themes, between relief and development.
Contact Valérie Léon

Cécile LE GRIX - Archivist
Cécile is in charge of our Resource Centre. She organises and manages publications, helps to conduct literature searches and represents Groupe URD within the Ritimo network. Cécile has a degree in English and became involved in the aid sector after studying at the Institut des Droits de l’Homme.
Contact Cécile Le Grix

Hugues MAURY - Consultant, paediatrician
Hugues is a paediatrician and worked for many years on the implementation of quality processes in hospitals. He is a part-time consultant with Groupe URD, was co-director of the Quality project and is currently involved in providing NGOs with organisational support in adopting Quality approaches.
Contact Hugues Maury

Olivier SARRAT - Researcher: Information Systems
Olivier Sarrat facilitates the Sigmah project on behalf of its ‘Steering Cooperative’. He is a Software Developer and worked for an IT services company for three years before moving to the humanitarian sector and Groupe URD in 2007. He monitors developments in the area of Information and Communications Technology related to the aid sector, takes part in studies and evaluations which require his IT systems perspective and is involved in the Humanitarian Free and Open Source Software Movement.
Contact Olivier Sarrat

Etienne SUTHERLAND - Translator
Etienne is involved in the production of all Groupe URD documents in English. He is an experienced English teacher and has been an assistant trainer on Groupe URD courses in English.
Contact Etienne Sutherland

Jeanne TAISSON - Communication
Jeanne is responsible for external and internal communications at Groupe URD. She supervises the production of newsletters and is involved in the organisation of events. She also takes part in certain operational research projects and contributes to the Quality project. She is trilingual, has training in journalism and a Masters degree in Humanitarian management.
Contact Jeanne Taisson