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Launch of the mission to support actors involved in crisis response in Tripoli

Since July 2018, we have been involved in a project coordinated by Bioforce, and in partnership with the Lebanese NGO, North Leda, which aims to reinforce the capacity of actors from the city of Tripoli to respond to crises. With the general objective of aid localisation, the project is aimed at both civil society organisations (CSOs) and the municipal authorities. Groupe URD will be working specifically with Tripoli municipal authority to provide it with support in its positioning in relation to CSOs and in its crisis management strategy.

On 25-26 September 2018, the three members of the consortium will meet in Lyon for two days of workshops in order to prepare the launch mission which is due to take place in mid-October 2018. The goal will be to identify a core group of 30 CSOs who will be targeted by the project and to establish an overview of the situation as a basis for future evaluations. The mission will also be an opportunity to explain the background to the project and to get the beneficiaries on board in order to ensure that a participatory approach is adopted. This initial mission will lead to the setting up of a consultative committee made up of representatives of the targeted local actors, which will be responsible for defining and validating the strategic orientations of the project.

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