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Presentation of the "Funding Allocation Support Tool"

Groupe URD contributed to a technical meeting aimed at generating a better understanding of methodologies used by donors and humanitarian agencies in support of needs and evidence based funding allocations. This event has been hosted by the European Commission, in cooperation with OCHA in Geneva the 12th of April. The debates were introduced by Véronique de Geoffroy who collaborate on the creation of the tool called FAST (Funding Allocation Support Tool) for the EU.

Groupe URD, commissioned by the Directorate General for Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid Operations of the European Commission (ECHO), developed the Funding Allocation Support Tool (FAST) that is a software aimed at providing an evidence-based, demonstrable and replicable tool in support of the decision-making process for humanitarian aid funding allocations. The software was developed with the recognition that humanitarian aid should be transparently allocated on the basis of identified needs, the degree of vulnerability, and the overall capacity to respond.

The FAST is therefore a needs-based, principled, flexible, and transparent tool which can be objectively applied - and adjusted whenever required by the evolution of the crises - to achieve equitability and comparability between crises, through a global ranking of countries affected by natural or man-made disasters. That tool has been presented to country representatives, UN agencies, donors and NGOs during the Technical Meeting on Funding Allocation Methodologies In Geneva the 12th of April 2018. It is currently in the testing phase and not distributable.