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Resilience in the Lake Chad region

Groupe URD’s role in the RESILAC project (the Lake Chad Inclusive Economic and Social Recovery project) will be to manage knowledge. The project aims to contribute to economic recovery, resilience building and social cohesion in the territories of the Lake Chad Basin that are the most affected by crises and climate change.

The RESILAC project will be funded by the French Development Agency and the European Union, and will be implemented by a consortium of four NGOs (ACF, which is the lead organisation, and CARE, CCFD, and Groupe URD) for a period of four years.

The project has four pillars:

  • Pillar 1: Reinforcing human capital, social cohesion, and the collective and sustainable management of natural resources and productive capacities in the targeted zones;
  • Pillar 2: Economic recovery in the targeted zones and the resilience of the most vulnerable people;
  • Pillar 3: Supporting and consolidating local, national and trans-national stakeholders in the targeted zones;
  • Pillar 4: The real-time production of knowledge to help to steer and adapt projects and guide strategic decision-making.

Groupe URD is responsible for the fourth pillar. We will apply a multi-scenario approach, and we will develop and implement a robust monitoring system in order to be as agile as possible in the instable and unpredictable context of the Lake Chad Basin.

In connection with this project, Groupe URD took part in a project development workshop in Yaoundé on 8th and 9th September 2016.