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Training sessions and peer review: the latest news from the Quality and Accountability COMPASS

The Quality and Accountability COMPASS is a quality and accountability management method for international aid projects that has been designed to help apply the Core Humanitarian Standard (CHS) in all sectors, contexts and intervention zones. In order to help it evolve in a way that reflects users’ needs, a peer review process is being carried out that is open to anyone that is interested in taking part. Two training sessions are also coming up: one in Geneva in June, and the other in Paris in October.

The Quality and Accountability COMPASS includes a series of recommendations, processes and tools that have been specifically designed to help international aid projects implement the Core Humanitarian Standard (CHS) in any sector, context or intervention zone.

 The Quality and Accountability COMPASS is evolving and we are interested in your opinion

Having shared the pilot version of the Quality and Accountability COMPASS in January, and in the run up to the final version to be launched next autumn, Groupe URD is conducting an online consultation to allow anyone who is interested to share their opinion and suggest ideas. So please don’t hesitate to tell us what you think and contribute to improving the new version by answering the questionnaire here before 12 May.

 Quality and Accountability COMPASS training sessions

Groupe URD will be running two training sessions on The Quality and Accountability COMPASS: implementing the Core Humanitarian Standard in international aid projects. The first of these will be in English and will take place in Geneva (Switzerland) on 13, 14 and 15 June. The second will be in French and will be held in Paris (France) on 29, 30 and 31 October.

This training course aims to reinforce the capacity of individuals and organisations to conduct projects responsibly (1) and to meet the needs and expectations of communities and people affected by a crisis (2). It is aimed at professionals from the international aid sector who are involved in implementing, funding, monitoring or evaluating humanitarian projects, such as Heads of Project, staff in charge of monitoring funds and partnerships, staff in charge of Planning, Monitoring, Evaluation , Accountability and Learning (PMEAL), evaluators, etc.
This course will provide you with methodological grounding in quality and accountability issues, methods and tools for project implementation, funding, monitoring and evaluation.

More information: see the presentation document.

To register for the training session in Geneva, please fill in the following online registration form by 1 June 2018: https://www.urd.org/survey/index.php/712776/lang-fr

For any further information, please contact Anna Lear, Training Coordinator: formations@urd.org