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Mali: after Algiers - Conference in Bamako on 15 December 2014

While the Malian government and the armed groups of the North engage in negotiations in Algiers to find an agreement which is acceptable to all parties, other dangers are becoming more palpable [...] Following various conferences in the Sahel, Groupe URD is organizing a new debate to allow Malian institutions and partners to discuss ideas and strategic planning.

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Mid-term evaluation of France’s humanitarian strategy


Groupe URD has been carrying out this review since November 2014. It aims to analyse the implementation methods, the operational logic and potential blockages which might hinder the achievement of objectives.

Official launch of the Core Humanitarian Standard for Quality and Accountability at Copenhagen on 12 December 2014


The Core Humanitarian Standard (CHS), a new quality reference framework for humanitarian aid, will be launched on 12 December in Copenhagen.

“Pour une reconstruction durable”, Port-au-Prince, 3-5 December 2014


Groupe URD took part in the event and shared lessons learned from 4 years running its Haiti Observatory.

Development of a Quality reference framework and a series of complementary tools for Electriciens sans frontières


Electriciens sans frontières has asked Groupe URD to develop a reference framework of good practices for projects which promote access to electricity in rural contexts in developing countries.