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Reaching Resilience
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Updating the Quality COMPAS - new tools to help apply the CHS

The Core Humanitarian Standard was developed on the basis of numerous existing standards and reference frameworks, including the Quality COMPAS reference framework which was created by Groupe URD in 2004. We are therefore updating the COMPAS tools so that they are consistent with the CHS. These tools will help to apply the CHS throughout the project cycle. Related training courses and other tools are also due to be developed to help organisations adopt a Quality approach.

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Resilience in Nepal: lessons from the 2015 earthquake


Having been involved in several evaluations in 2015, Groupe URD is taking part in conferences in Brussels and Paris to present the results of its work related to last year’s terrible earthquake.

Defining and measuring beneficiary engagement


Groupe URD works with ICRC to establish a common definition of the concept of beneficiary engagement, set of indicators and ways of measuring it.

Improving battery recycling in the field


The aim of this study, coordinated by Groupe URD, is to identify existing recycling businesses and provide information about them (type of waste, how waste is recycled, how they are organized, etc.), taking into account other types of hazardous waste.

The challenges of building the capacity of local training bodies – sharing good practice between training professionals


A workshop will be held in London on 18 April on the challenges of building the capacity of local training organisations. It will be preceded by a one-hour webinar on 5 April in order to discuss this subject with organisations in the field who are unable to attend the workshop.