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The World Humanitarian Summit

Groupe URD has been involved in the preparations for the World Humanitarian Summit since November 2014, and is taking part in several events in Istanbul. A special edition of our review, Humanitarian Aid on the Move, has been published to coincide with the event, illustrating some of the key issues that will be on the agenda, based on concrete examples from the field.

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What were the key points made at the 2016 French National Humanitarian Conference?


The third French National Humanitarian Conference was held on 23 February 2016, bringing together more than 400 participants. A number of points emerged that will be carried on to the WHS.

Improving LRRD: the Central African Republic at the crossroads


The WHS underlines the importance of managing complex crisis resolution phases effectively. Groupe URD carried out a situation analysis and organized a workshop on LRRD in CAR. The reports are now available online.

The European refugee crisis: evaluation of the activities of the Start Network


In 2015, the Start Network began three collaborative responses to enable agencies to respond in a coordinated way to large-scale crises, including the European Refugee Response in Greece, Croatia, Slovenia, Macedonia and Serbia, to implement a programme of action for the winter of 2015-2016. Groupe URD was selected to evaluate the Response.

Resilience in Nepal: lessons from the 2015 earthquake


Having been involved in several evaluations in 2015, Groupe URD is taking part in conferences in Brussels and Paris to present the results of its work related to last year’s terrible earthquake.