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Important lessons to take into account in managing the emergency in Nepal and preparing for the reconstruction

On the strength of the expertise we have built up over the years following Hurricane Mitch in 1998, the Tsunami in Southeast Asia in 2005 and the Haiti earthquake of 2010, a certain number of our publications will be of interest to emergency relief organizations, and will also be useful to prepare the reconstruction so that certain errors are not repeated. Many of the lessons from these past disasters need to be taken into account when managing this disaster.

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Get involved in drawing up the Guidance Notes and Indicators of the CHS


Anyone who wants to get involved can now make comments and proposals about the use and content of the CHS guidance notes and indicators.

The Haiti Observatory closes its doors


This project has helped to reinforce local evaluation capacity, has produced ten studies, and has encouraged debate through the facilitation of workshops and conferences, with a certain number of evaluations carried out in parallel, analyzing the post-earthquake reconstruction process from different angles.

Evaluation of DG ECHO’s humanitarian response to the Syrian crisis since 2012


Groupe URD is part of a consortium, led by ADE, which is evaluating DG ECHO’s response to the Syrian crisis between 2012 and 2014.

The environment in humanitarian action and recovery; current study in Haiti by the Joint Environment Unit and Groupe URD


Having contributed to study “Environment and humanitarian action: increasing effectiveness, sustainability and responsibility”, Groupe URD is working with the JEU to evaluate these issues in the post-earthquake humanitarian response in Haiti.