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UN Secretary-General’s report for the WHS

Will the World Humanitarian Summit lead the way to the humanitarian system of the future? A lot of energy has been put into preparing this event. Groupe URD has been involved since November 2014 [...] The WHS is a strange beast compared to other large-scale summits due to the priority given to consultation of all kinds rather than the usual inter-governmental processes. What comes out of the WHS will depend on what humanitarian organisations make of it, and also what governments allow it to be. For now, view the UN Secretary-General’s report.

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The 3rd National Humanitarian Conference, 23 February, in Paris


The 3rd National Humanitarian Conference (CNH) will be an opportunity to discuss the role of international humanitarian actors within the aid system in the short and medium term, in advance of the World Humanitarian Summit in Istanbul.

Study of the response to the Ebola epidemic in Guinea as part of a project on the integrity of humanitarian operations


As part of the project, “Enhancing the integrity of humanitarian operations in complex humanitarian contexts”, Groupe URD is conducting a study of the response to the Ebola epidemic in Guinea.

Training course: “Evaluating the Quality of Humanitarian Action”, 4-8 April, 2016


This 30-hour classroom-based training course aims to provide participants with the methodological knowledge necessary to carry out or take part in an evaluation of the quality of a humanitarian programme.

Reinforcing Caritas Mali’s operational and emergency preparedness capacities


Groupe URD will be travelling to Mali at the beginning of February to assess capacity building needs within Caritas Mali, and to meet their members and some of their partners.

Humanitarian Aid on the Move n°16


The last edition of Groupe URD’s review "Humanitarian Aid on the Move" is now available on-line.