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Groupe URD launches a consultation on the CHS Compas

The CHS Compas has been developed by Groupe URD based on its 20 years’ experience in Q&A and its strong implication in the development of the CHS. In the past few weeks, a draft version of the CHS Compas has been presented for feedback to the IASC (Geneva) and ALNAP (in Stockholm, during its annual network meeting).

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Second lesson learning mission on Fondation de France funded reconstruction projects in Nepal


Following the first lesson learning mission on construction activities supported by the Fondation de France (FdF), Groupe URD is carrying out a second field trip in February. This mission will focus on activities implemented in the valley of Thangpaldhap.

Publication of the report on aid localisation in Lebanon


A field visit was carried out last December to assess the level of aid localization in Lebanon, in the context of the Syrian refugee crisis. This was carried out in connection with the convention between Groupe URD and the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Region.

Humanitarian Networks and Partnerships Week (Geneva)


Groupe URD took part in the Humanitarian Networks and Partnerships Week in Geneva on 6-10 February. We contributed to the debates on disaster and crisis management and presented the findings of our recent real-time evaluation of the response to Hurricane Matthew in Haiti.

Report of the real-time evaluation of the response to Hurricane Matthew in Haiti


From 13 to 29 November 2016, Groupe URD and HERE – Geneva carried out a real-time evaluation of the humantarian response to Hurricane Matthew in Haiti. This evaluation was commissioned by a steering committee made up of the main organisations and donors involved in the response.