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Disasters, climate change and the Paris Agreement

Managing disasters related to climate change and adopting adaptation strategies are key aspects of prevention and reconstruction. The latter depends on vulnerabilities revealed by a disaster being taken into account. This was the subject we spoke about a few years ago in Washington at the annual Science and Environment conference and in Atlanta at the France-Atlanta Conference. The US President’s decision [...]

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“Localising” humanitarian aid


A short version of the report “More than Money – localisation in practice” by Groupe URD and TROCAIRE following field visits to Myanmar and DRC is now available.

Historical perspective of aid in Somalia


On 22 and 23 June, Groupe URD will be speaking at the first session of the conference, “Humanitarian History - Reflections on Somalia” in Galway, Ireland.

Continued engagement in Mali


In June, we will be carrying out a field trip in connection with ALNAP’s latest State of the Humanitarian System Report and we will also be taking the first steps of an evaluation of [...]

Evaluation of a relief and reintegration programme by WFP in Côte d’Ivoire


In June, Groupe URD will be in Côte d’Ivoire to evaluate the WFP’s IPSR (Protracted Relief and Recovery) programme which aims to save lives and livelihoods and promote the transition for repatriated and other vulnerable populations in returnee zones in western Côte d’Ivoire.