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Evaluation of disaster preparedness measures following the 2015 earthquakes in Nepal
Septembrer-December 2015, for Handicap International

Handicap International has been implementing since 2011 a Earthquake Preparedness Project in Nepal, co-funded by DIPECHO, in consortium with Save the Children, Oxfam and led by the World Health Organization. The project seeks to support the preparedness of the Ministry of Health, public hospitals and local health workers to manage mass casualties in case an earthquake affects the Kathmandu Valley. Groupe URD had the unique chance to evaluate the impact of Health prepardness in disaster response juste after a disaster. The result of the evaluation has been presented in Brussels on January 27th 2016.

The major crisis that hit Nepal in April 2015 had been the opportunity for Handicap Internatiopnal to assess the efficiency of its frame of actions in term of Disaster Risk Reduction. In order to do so the organization had commissioned last September an external and independent evaluation aiming to look at Handicap International’s contribution to the Earthquake Preparedness Project and to assess how this project contributed to the response to the 2015 earthquake in Nepal. This evaluation was conducted by an independent team of consultants from Groupe URD and Dr. Lakshmi Narayn Thakur, and funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Luxembourg. The general objective is to learn lessons and make recommendations to improve earthquake preparedness for future projects undertaken by all partners in the region.