Funded by

Fondation de France

This project is due to run from early 2016 to the end of 2017. Three issues prompted the Fondation de France to call on Groupe URD’s services. The first of these is the fact that the reconstruction requires significant technical support and many Nepalese NGOs involved in the reconstruction have methodological difficulties and do not have sufficient technical skills. Secondly, the operational context is complex because it is highly regulated but there are very few resources. And thirdly, local stakeholders nevertheless have a number of assets, benefiting from strong local ties and implementing innovative approaches that deserve to be shared.

The Fondation de France and Groupe URD therefore decided to instigate an iterative knowledge management process in relation to the Fondation de France’s experience in Nepal. This will help to identify useful lessons for NGOs currently working in Nepal, for future missions by the Fondation de France, and for international aid stakeholders in general. It will also contribute to debates about operations in post-crisis contexts, and about collaboration with local humanitarian and development organisations.

Video on post-earthquake reconstruction 2015 in Nepal and FDF-funded actions

Carried out by

François Grünewald

Director of Strategic Foresight (employed since 2009)

Anne Burlat

Housing and Urban Specialist (2015-18)