Turning speeches into action! Turning speeches into action, for sober, sustainable, low tech, low cost, frugal practices and technologies,… This is the ambition of this collaborative workshop which will bring together, around experienced field actors, scientists, humanitarian associations, donors, communities.

Come and see, touch, share, debate, innovate together! organized by CEFREPADE and Groupe URD, with the participation of their invited scientific and technical partners: PAGEDS 1% Waste Program, Re-Sources International, GEVALOR, CEAS Switzerland and Burkina Faso, IRSTEA, Institut Bioforce, Provademse, ERA Cameroon, AOG Haiti, Université Quisqueya d’Haïti, etc.

The spirit that drives us… Low-cost approaches and technologies, adapted to the local context, simple, pragmatic, frugal, sober, designed in a participatory way, accessible to the greatest number of people, with a view to respect and quality of life for all: these seem to be the main conditions for the sustainability of development actions.

Development… today, all countries of the world should be considered developing countries, seeking a balance that will allow future generations to live in harmony on our planet.

Sustainable… which must last over time… and which, therefore, must be an intelligent compromise between quality, respect for the environment, living conditions of populations and mobilizable resources.

ODD… Sustainable Development Objectives… To guarantee everyone, and especially the poorest, at least acceptable living conditions, the only real roadmap that we should probably all have…