Groupe URD will be taking part in several sessions at this year’s HNPW:

  • On Monday 4th, we will be facilitating a public session entitled, “Agility; aid in turbulent times: when aid processes are challenged by uncertainty and turbulence” (16:00-17:30, Room 4) ;
  • On Tuesday 5th, we will be co-facilitating a ‘private’ workshop entitled, “Capacities of the WASH sector to intervene in hard to reach areas: how do we get better, faster, more effective?” (11:00-12:30, Room 17) ;
  • On Wednesday 6th, we will be co-facilitating an interactive work session with students on the lessons learned from the State of the Humanitarian System study: “Students on the SOHS: Improving Effectiveness & Efficiency” (11:00-12:30, Room 17).

Groupe URD’s Environment Focal Point, Samantha Brangeon, will also be representing the French Humanitarian Environment Network both at the ‘Environmental Sustainability and Humanitarian Action’ stand and at the annual meeting of the Environment and Humanitarian Action Network (EHAN).

Finally, we will also be running a stand in the Exhibition area, with our partners the CHS Alliance and Sphere, to present the Core Humanitarian Standard and its related implementation tools, such as the Quality and Accountability Compass.