The Security-Development Nexus - What do we understand by it? How do we put it into practice?

Since the middle of the 1990s, the idea that development and security are mutually dependent on each other has become firmly established. The role that development can play in preventing conflict has been underlined, and security has been recognized as an essential condition of development. As a result, for about fifteen years, there has been ever closer interconnection between development and security policies. Slogans like ‘No development without security, no security without development’ are repeated systematically even though the relationship of cause and effect is very complex and has not been sufficiently investigated.

Based on a study launched in 2018, the workshop facilitated by Groupe URD will essentially aim to:

  • Clarify the issues at stake related to different ways of understanding the security-development nexus, and how the roles of different actors are perceived (humanitarian, development, military, diplomatic, etc.)
  • Encourage dialogue between the aid sector (humanitarian and development), the political and institutional sector (donors, governments) and the security sector.
  • Suggest possible operational links for the future.

At La Maison des Métallos, Paris 1 April, 2019, 4-8 pm.