Organised on 28 November 2016 in Lyon and 13 February 2017 in Brussels, the two training sessions have been organized on the request of HI staff since the creation of “green teams”, whose vocation is to discuss these issues within the NGO. The sessions have essentially been aimed at those in charge of logistical and technical issues and administrative and financial directors and allowed collective discussion of possible changes that could be made within their teams.

The training sessions provided staff with:

  • new perspectives, new examples and more information about the main trends in the sector, so that they understand the links between humanitarian aid and the environment;
  • ways of analysing the environmental issues and impacts relevant to all humanitarian projects, notably via the prism of the different jobs that exist on the ground;
  • issues to be discussed with a view to feeding the internal debate within HI about improving the way that environmental issues are taken into account in the NGO’s activities.