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This third issue of the Haiti Observatory Newsletter in 2013 focuses on the important topics of reconstruction and governance in the sector of the environment. Studies we have carried out show that housing reconstruction appears to be mostly uncontrolled. Is this due to the failure of the strategy applied to achieve the objectives established by the state? It is probably too early to know and the main lesson to be retained for the time being is that we need to make the right choices and stay on course. The population has made a great effort which shows that it is not so much the funding as the framework that needs to be put in place to allow coherent reconstruction: there has been encouraging progress in the existing institutional framework.

The environment, for its part, has obvious links with reconstruction. Indeed, improving the environment in Haiti is a very ambitious project which requires the participation of every sector of society. For the moment, the public administration does not have the human or financial resources to pursue its objectives and have the hoped for impact. It is only one of many areas that are equally important to tackle.