The association

The Governing Board

Groupe URD is a non-profit association (as defined by the French law of 1901). The Governing Board, which is elected at the annual general meeting, meets quarterly to decide on the association’s strategy and main orientations, and to validate budgets and the annual accounts.

The current members of the Governing Board (2018) are:

Monique CARDOT – President of Groupe URD

Having begun her career as a pharmacist-biologist at the Institut Pasteur in Lyon, Monique joined Bioforce in 1983, working initially as a Trainer and then as a Tutor. In parallel, she actively took part in creating and running the NGO, “Comité pour Léré”, which has since become “Santé Mali Rhône-Alpes”, and “Action Nord Sud”. Since leaving Bioforce in 2005, she has worked as an independent consultant, supervising staff in the medical and social sectors, providing around twenty teams per month with regular support. She has been a member of Groupe URD’s Administrative Board since the creation of the association, and has been its President since July 2017.

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Anne-Marie MOUNIER – Vice-President of Groupe URD

After a career in banking and Information and Communication Technology, Anne-Marie Mounier became a consultant in Change Management, combining her interest in human organisations and the public interest. A graduate of both Sciences Po Paris and HEC, she worked closely with the top management of both public institutions (health sector and local government) and businesses of all sizes: designing and adapting operational models based on specific challenges and objectives, and making strategic and organisational adjustments. In 2017, she was asked by Groupe URD’s President, Monique Cardot, to assist her, and to support Groupe URD’s staff in their activities.



Jean-Marie GIRAUD –Treasurer

Jean-Marie Giraud is self-taught and has acquired professional knowledge, know-how and tools in the fields of Construction, Social Action and Educational Science. He began his working life in the city of Lille where he was involved in street education and learned about the complexities of social and human organisations. He then combined his two areas of knowledge – building construction and social entrepreneurship – in the social economy sector. When his company carried out some “major building works” at our headquarters in 2002 and 2003, it became evident that he shared the same values that underpin our organization. He subsequently joined the Administrative Board as its Treasurer, thus bringing to the association his knowledge of the region and of the operational and financial management necessary to run a small “company”.

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Charlotte DUFOUR – Administrator

Charlotte Dufour is a Nutrition and Food Systems specialist. She began working in the humanitarian sector in 2000 with Action Against Hunger (Afghanistan and Ethiopia). In 2002 she joined Groupe URD and contributed to the development of the Quality COMPAS and our work on ‘Participation’ with ALNAP. She worked with the FAO from 2005 to 2017, first in Afghanistan and then at its headquarters, advising governments on nutritional policies and programmes. She recently created her own consultancy, Narayan, through which she promotes a holistic approach to sustainable development (

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Domitille KAUFFMANN – Administrator

Domitille Kauffmann is a Nutrition, Food Systems and Resilience expert with a Master’s degree in Agronomy and Food Sciences (with a specialisation in Nutrition) from the Ecole National Superieure Agronomique de Montpellier (SupAgro) in France. Since graduating in 1999, she has taken part in project implementation, research, training and evaluations in the fields of Nutrition, Food Security, Livelihoods and Cash Transfer programmes in numerous crisis contexts. She coordinated projects in Mongolia and Sudan for Action Contre la Faim, and conducted numerous studies for a wide variety of aid organisations (donors, UN agencies, NGOs, and Red Cross societies) as a researcher for Groupe URD for 7 years. Since 2013, she has worked with the FAO’s Nutrition and Food Systems Division supporting efforts to integrate nutrition into food and agricultural policies and programmes, including emergency relief and resilience programmes.

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The Offices

The choice was made to set up Groupe URD’s headquarters in the heart of the Drôme Provençale region in the South of France. Here, we have facilities to accommodate visitors in the tranquillity of a rural “retreat”. Every year, groups come for training courses, work sessions, conferences or other events.

We have made certain choices to reduce our environmental impact. Our buildings have ecological features such as solar energy, natural insulation materials, rain-water harvesting, wood-chip heating and dry toilets. We also try to be coherent in our actions, through activities such as recycling, tree planting and car-sharing.

Groupe URD’s environmental approach is reflected in the choice of a 100% renewable electricity supplier, a carbon footprint and carbon offsetting at the Centrale Villageoise du Sud Baronnies.

Siège du Groupe URD

It has an office in Paris (75017), where Johanna Baché can be contacted.

Finally, since 2018, Groupe URD has opened an office in Mali (Bamako) following the launch of the KEY programme support project. It also has a permanent presence in Chad as part of its participation in the RESILAC programme from 2018 to 2022.

Contact Mali: Wandey AG AHMED

Contact Chad: Paloma Casaseca

Annual reports

Below you will find the annual reports (low definition) of the last few years: