Guide for the adoption of a quality management system – How can the quality of an aid organisation be guaranteed and proven? – This lesson sharing document is based on the experiences of different aid organisations in adopting quality management systems, including the lessons learning by Solidarité Laïque which began a new quality approach at the institutional level in 2019. It is aimed at aid organisations who want to adopt an ‘institutional quality management system’, that is to say, throughout an organization (or who want to find out what this implies). It aims to answer the following question: what are the key points and steps to respect to facilitate the adoption of a quality management system that is adapted to the culture of an aid organization?

Download the document (in French): guide pour l’adoption d’un système de management de la qualité

QUALITY & ACCOUNTABILITY COMPAS – Tools to help implement the Core Humanitarian Standard in the field – In order to help teams concretely improve the quality and accountability of their projects, the COMPAS provides models of tools that are organised around the criteria of the Core Humanitarian Standard (CHS):

  • A quality assurance and control file for each of the 9 control points during the project cycle.
  • Examples of tools for project teams, such as for planning and monitoring, exit strategies, lessons learned, etc.
  • A tool to identify the strengths and weaknesses of a Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability and Learning (MEAL) system.
  • A quality and accountability operational framework to help field staff to translate an organisation’s quality and accountability demands into relevant and realistic actions in a specific operational context and sector.
  • A ‘project health check’ tool to rapidly identify the project’s strong points and the principle measures to implement to improve it.
  • A ‘sentinel indicators’ tool to quickly monitor potential incidents and react if necessary before the situation deteriorates.
  • A self-assessment tool to identify priorities to improve quality and accountability within an organisation.

Vew the document (in French): boite à outil COMPAS qualité & redevabilité