To those being bombed in Yemen, to those fleeing the coastal strip of Cox’s Bazar, to those looking for a better future in a context of economic and environmental devastation, to those who live in fear of indiscriminate bombing, to the medical teams who save lives, to the rescue teams in collapsed buildings after bombings, earthquakes or hurricanes, to those who are confined to mats or hospital beds by major pandemics…

In 2017, we were with you, from Timbuktu to Sindhupalchok, from the Turkana lands to the Mornes of Haiti, from the regions affected by Ebola to those affected by cholera, and from Tripoli to Bangui. We tirelessly endeavoured to make our voice heard, with its singular combination of field presence, lesson sharing, theoretical analysis and methodological production. And we strove to be both rigorous and to speak out for what we believe in. We were present in Nairobi, Paris, Geneva, London, New York, Bamako, Dakar, Kathmandu, Bangkok and Washington for the main debates within the sector.

And we will continue in 2018. We will continue to analyse the crises in Yemen and Mali, in the Horn of Africa and the Bengal Delta, in Colombia and the host regions of Europe. We will continue to apply our innovative approaches to urban crisis issues, disaster management, aid localisation, fragility, crisis resolution, and environmental issues. Tirelessly, we will be there for aid actors and we will be there for those who are suffering.

Monique Cardot & François Grünewald