The “Learning and innovating to improve crisis response” project aims to support the collective learning of actors in the face of major changes in the crisis contexts facing the humanitarian sector. It covers several activities (research, training, publication and dissemination of knowledge, etc.) whose subjects are defined in consultation with the main actors in the sector.

The expected results of the project are that humanitarian actors in the French-speaking community master the knowledge and tools that will enable them to improve their practices and strengthen their influence.

For this project, Groupe URD is working with the humanitarian commission of Coordination SUD, with the members of the RĂ©seau Environnement Humanitaire (REH), and with a group of NGOs that have joined forces to form a Redevability Network. A Steering Committee bringing together representatives of NGOs and donors meets twice a year to guide the implementation of the project.

The evaluation should therefore assess the extent to which Groupe URD has met its objectives and whether the activities implemented have provided the most relevant responses possible, in particular to improve the practice of humanitarian and reconstruction/development actors in crisis and post-crisis situations.
In addition, this evaluation should enable Groupe URD and its main partners to identify measures that will enable them, if necessary, to improve the system (learning).