The CHS Compas is a Quality Assurance method designed around the CHS and specifically aimed at humanitarian aid work. Its core is made up of the 9 CHS criteria. Its two main uses are:
– Project Management: it provides a checklist of key questions, warnings and tips for each project cycle phase. These questions, warnings and tips are connected to specific critical points which may affect one of the nine quality and accountability criteria. They invite the user to reflect on their work and help them to manage project quality.
– Project Evaluation: For each of the nine CHS criteria, the CHS Compas proposes a series of indicators which help the user to assess project quality. By re-examining project processes and trying to understand why a possible failure or divergence has occurred, users are able to reorient the project and draw valuable lessons.

_ Two CHS Compas tools are available: the CHS Compas Dashboard, which provides a coherent, structured and comprehensive approach to Quality management; and the Companion Book, which groups all the questions, warnings and tips per Project Cycle phase.

_ A draft version of the CHS Compas is available for comment and we would welcome feedback from volunteer organisations.

_ If interested, please contact us: