At the request of the members of the Humanitarian Environment Network, Groupe URD has been mapping recycling companies in operational countries since February 2016. The objective of this mapping exercise is to pool information about recycling factories (e.g. coordinates, type of waste recycled, recycling process, etc.) in order to allow field staff to improve the way they manage the waste produced by their programmes and their offices. This list currently includes information about 23 countries and lists 93 companies.

Information will continue to be collected and shared throughout 2016. For more information or to contribute to the mapping exercise, contact Samantha Brangeon:

In line with Groupe URD’s environmental commitments, we evaluated our carbon footprint for 2015 (calculation of CO2 emissions linked to transport, running of offices, carrying out missions, etc.). In order to compensate for these incompressible emissions, Groupe URD chose to support local solar energy projects in the Drôme area. We have also recently changed our electricity provider. We now have a contract with Enercoop which provides 100% locally-produced, renewable energy.